What is a Town Council or a Community Council?

This the lowest level of local government in Wales and is the one closest to the local residents of the town in our case. They are based on geographical areas governed by rules laid down by the Boundaries Commission and Shotton Town Council seeks to serve and represent the needs of the community of Shotton.

The town is further sub-divided up into smaller geographical areas called wards. Shotton has three – Higher, East and West. If you click on the section called Councillors you will see the councillors who represent you and the roads that make up each ward.

Elections for councillors (currently fourteen) are held every four years, the most recent was May 2017, whereby the residents of the Town (each ward) are asked to elect between four (4) and six (6) (depending on ward size) to represent the interests of that ward and the general interests of the Town.

The Town Council annually appoints one of the councillors to the position of Chair of the Council, who will during their term of office, represents the Town Council at various events/functions.

The members of the Town Council are volunteers who stand for election because they care about the community.

Town Councillors are bound by a Code of Conduct (THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES (MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT)(WALES) ORDER 2008) (that was adopted on the 29 April 2008 and took effect from 2 May 2008) in carrying out their duties as councillors and requires them to act in accordance with six general principles:

  • Promotion of equality and respect for others

  • Accountability and openness

  • Duty to uphold the law

  • Selflessness and stewardship

  • Objectivity and propriety

  • Integrity

The Code requires councillors to consider whether they have a personal interest in any matters considered by the Council and requires them to make a Disclosure of Interest. Failure to observe could lead to the councillor being suspended or removed from office.